Every week Marilena Borgna focuses on a model, this week she turned her eyes to beautiful Dutch twenty- year old Marjan. Read Marjan’s full interview with Vogue it below:


Name Marjan Jonkman

Born/Live in Sint Nicolaasga (Little town in the north of the Netherlands)

How did you start modelling? A girl asked me to do a photoshoot and a catwalkshow with her own made clothes for her fashionstudy. First I said no because I thought I didn’t like to be a model. But I did it and I really liked it! A few months later Margreet scouted me on Facebook and I signed a contract with her.

Describe what fashion is for you… Fashion is one of the most important things in my life. It makes me different than other people (wearing different clothes).

Your favourite fashion designer? Hedi Slimane (designer of Saint Laurent) of course! He is amazing and I am in love with all his clothes. It was a dream that came true when I heard that he wanted me exclusive for his fashion show.

Your favourite Icon/TopModel? Doutzen Kroes! She is also from the north of the Netherlands! I like her because she still acts like normal person. She would never act like: look at me, I am a topmodel! I hope I will ever meet her.

Describe your Style. Rock and Roll! I love to wear dark clothes with skulls on it, or jumpsuits. And I love plateau shoes.

Your biggest dream? To become a topmodel like Doutzen Kroes.

Favourite film/book/song? I’m yours (Jason Mraz). This song is always making me happy. When I hear this song, I start thinking about my friends from highschool, we sang this song a lot of times together. We are still good friends but I don’t see them a lot anymore because of modeling.

What is your favourite type of food/dish? I love salads! A few years ago I would never say that, but when I started modeling I wanted to eat more healthy and now I like it a lot. And I also like chocolate of course!

3 things you would bring to a desert island? 1. My mobile 2. Chocolate 3. My best friend Marike

What do you LOVE the most? Travelling.

Original article taken from Vogueit.com: http://www.vogue.it/en/shows/focus-on-models/2014/12/marjan#ad-image

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